Tuesday 11th August - Dunham Park

With the shortening evenings, the last of the summer walks was, as in the past couple of years, to Dunham Park for a gentle stroll, followed by a search for bats as the light faded.

Some of the plants noted were: Creeping Buttercup, Water Mint, Water Plantain, Lemon-scented Fern, Great Horsetail, Marsh Horsetail, Great Reedmace, Bur-reed, Tormentil, Marsh Pennywort, Wood-sorrel, Sweet-flag, Gypsywort and Skullcap.

Unfortunately the bats seemed to be a little shy this evening - only a few brief sightings were made before darkness encouraged those without sonar to return to their own roosts. Nevertheless it was a pleasant evening walk.

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