Tuesday 18th April 2017 - Stretford

Bullfinches nesting in conifer in garden.
John Fulton

Numerous Goldfinches at (nyger seeds) feeder.
Orange-tip butterfly in garden.
Great Tits pecking at fence slats - unclear what they are after.
Blue Tits taking material to nest box for a couple of hours, but not seen again.
Cathy and Mike Pettipher

Tuesday 18th April 2017 - Timperley and Sale

Ring-necked Parakeets have returned to the feeders (with sunflower seeds) in a Timperley garden.
Dorothy Hudson

Long-tailed Tits in Timperley and Sale gardens.
Dorothy Hudson, Pat Hill

Saturday 11th April 2017 - Broad Heath and Pennington Flash

Peacock and Small Tortoiseshell butterflies on bathroom wall in the sun.
Margaret McCormick

Report of Kingfisher flying into metal garden gate near Pennington Flash. It died.
Claire Joures

Saturday 11th April 2017 - Staffordshire

2 Fritillary and numerous Peacock butterflies. 4 male Ring Ouzel and 28 Golden Plover near Macclesfield/Buxton.
Claire Joures