Sunday 15th February - Mere Sands Wood

White stoat (Ermine), Mustela erminea
White stoat (Ermine), Mustela erminea
Not my best photo, but my only photo of the only stoat I have ever seen in its white winter coat - tail on the left with black tip. I didn't think stoats changed white this far south, but obviously they do, or at leasst this one did. Seen briefly outside Marshall Hide, not far from some pheasants (one male and 4 females). Searching on the web suggest that other white stoats have been seen in this part of the country.

Also saw a brown rat under some of the feeders, and two bank voles from Lancaster hide.

Mallard, coot, moorhen, tufted duck, teal, goosander and shelduck were seen on the water. Blackbird, robin, blue and great tits and chaffinch seen around the feeders and woodland.

Cathy and Mike Pettipher

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